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Manifesting Your Dream House


Do you want to manifest your dream house? Probably that’s why you are reading this post, aren’t you? Okay, principles of manifesting or attracting anything in your life are the same. First thing you should ask. You must be very clear about everything you want. Clarity is very important. So first of all make a checklist. Write down all the things you want in your dream house.

For example:

  • 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms
  • Friendly and cooperative neighbors
  • Peaceful area
  • Low traffic
  • Terrace garden
  • Large lot with a big front yard
  • Parking area for your cars
  • Security camera

Write about everything that comes to your mind when you think about your dream home. Ask your spouse and children what they want. Brainstorm ideas about your new home. When you brainstorm ideas you get more focused on your dream home.

Once you have a good idea about your dream home, begin visualizing yourself living in it. When you do visualization, use your all senses. See yourself in that picture. Walk from room to room in your imagination and see each room furnished and decorated exactly the way you want it.

Some people may find visualization or imagination little bit difficult. But just pretend that you are living in your dream home. You can also make a vision board of your dream home and hang it on the wall. You can draw pictures of your dream home or you can cut them from a magazine. Vision board is a great tool to stay focused on your goals.

You can also make a 3D model of your dream house from a professional. There are many softwares available to make a 3D model of your dream home.

Believe that you deserve this home. You deserve everything you want. You deserve the best in life. So just release any doubts.

Finally be open to receive. Take action when the opportunity comes to actually buy or construct and move into your dream home.  “It is as easy to create a castle”, Abraham says, “as it is to create a button”. Feel grateful for your dream home even before it manifest in reality. Trust in the universe. Enjoy the process.


Alpa Pranav Damania Mumbai:

Hello friends,

I would like to share my experience

The place in which I am currently residing is my dads place…he had gifted it to me about 3.5 yrs back but it was still in his name only…my parents had told me that they would make a will so that in their absence this flat will be my property only but somehow they couldn’t make the will due to time shortage other social responsibilities…but about 15-20 days back my parents told me no need of any will required we will transfer the flat in your name directly…the process started yesterday and the flat will get transferred in my name by Friday…feeling so blessed…I thank my parents, Kishore sir, my hubby, Universe from the bottom of my heart…I pray to the Universe to keep blessing me and my family with Abundance😀😇

And not to forget Ria for the gratitude stone which is my goal setter…

Also thank you to all the wonderful souls for all your support and love…😀😇😘

Also from about a week 2 pigeons have been flying to my bedroom so I had asked Ria as to why is this happening as it never happened before.

She said its a good omen

A positive sign.

I just cant believe that so many good things happening in such a small period of time

April 26, 2015

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