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7 Steps of making the impossible possible


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! Right now it is very difficult to imagine that you can accomplish what seems impossible to you but start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Nelson Mandela said somewhere, “It always seems impossible until its done”. Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done but truly speaking, nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.

Do you have a goal which seems difficult or unreachable? Follow these steps to make your mission impossible to make it mission possible.

  1. Visualize your goal: Form a clear picture, a mental image of that goal in your mind. A picture is very powerful than thousand words. When will and imagination are in conflict it is always imagination that wins.
  2. Focus on WHY (Associate massive pleasure to achieving that goal): Write down all the compelling reasons to accomplish that goal. Friedrich Nietzsche said,”He who has a ‘WHY’ to live for can live any how!” So focus on ‘why’ and do not focus on ‘how’. f you find 10 compelling reasons to get your desired object then you will feel inspired and then you will take action.
  3. Focus on WHAT IF NOT (Associate massive pain to NOT achieving that goal): There are two motivating factors to achieve any goal in life and they are ‘pain’ and ‘pleasure’. When you focus on ‘WHY you want to accomplish’ that goal, you associate pleasure to your accomplishment. And when you ask ‘WHAT IF I don’t achieve that goal’, you associate massive pain to failure.
  4. Chunk down your goal: If you find your goal is too big then chunk down it into parts and accomplish those parts one by one. Celebrate milestones.
  5. Re-frame your limiting beliefs: Write down your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper and re-frame them, transform them into resourceful beliefs. We teach in our workshops all and everything about re-framing limiting beliefs.
  6. Set a time-line. If you set a time-line then your subconscious mind will find many ways to accomplish that goal within that time-line. Suppose your goal is to become a millionaire but if you don’t set a time-line then your mind will not give it priority. You can become a millionaire in ten years or in ten months. So when you set a time-line your mind will produce totally different behavior and mindset.
  7. Take small steps: Take action. Suppose you want to buy a car then take the first step, go to the showroom and take a test drive of that car. Taking small steps will keep you moving in the direction of your goal.


Ami Joshi Mumbai:

Hello all..!!!

One Sunday night when I was chating on my school group I got this wonderful opportunity to join gratitude group. My lovely friend Alpa had discussed about gratitude session and had invited us to join the group. Within no second I grabbed the opportunity and gave a big yessssss from my side to join gratitude session. It was just before Dussera. Initially I was in double mind but our mentor Kishore sir made us feel so comfortable that i almost forgot all my doubts. My 11 days journey was super fantastic. My husband also agreed to join the session. So it was more inspiring for me. I whole heartily did all the exercises given by sir. It was like I was in a different world. Thanking water and food is like a ritual. Then finally the 11th day came where I thought it was end of my journey but once again our mentor gave us the opportunity to be part of group. Then we were lucky to meet charismatic Kishore sirji… and (I always bow to his humbleness) He gave us some meditations. Which I did for first time. After that I felt so light. I’m full of energy. Initially I use to cry over small things gratitude gave me the strength to face the challenges. And again we were lucky to have Mahalakshmi session with Sirji…where he installed a gratitude chip in us. Now I feel I’m special I have some power- Power to do the impossible! 

One evening one 1st std girl from my school who is suppose to be mummy going boarded a bus. We all were tensed and were searching her in every nook and corner. The moment I invoke and gave gratitude mother got a call from the bus attendant that the girl is with her in the bus and she is safe. At last a relief on all of ours faces…Thank you universe…These were my words…Also with the forgiveness exercise I have improved my relations with people whom I had a cross.. Once again thank you universe! With the blessings of universe and all my friends and the most splendid persona our Kishore sir my journey from  from good become better. My destination is to reach the peak.. THE BEST… I would like to mention a incident where my son who is 11 yr old showed his interest in joining gratitude session, may God bless him with abundance.

A special thanks to Alpa for introducing me gratitude

Tons of thanks to Kishore sir to tune me into the right path….. Thanks to all my gratitude friends who always keep me in high spirit by sharing their experiences and sharing wonderful post…Thank you to my husband who always supports me. Thank you to my kids who love me unconditionally!

May god bless each one of us with abundance 🙏🙏🙏

May 5, 2015

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