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A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being (God or gods), a miracle worker, a saint or a religious leader.

What you think of miracle is nothing but your thoughts and feelings getting aligned with your dreams and goals. Most of us are sending mixed signals to the universe. For example this moment we say, “I want this car” and next moment we say, “I can’t afford that car”. In this way you are blocking your own way by sending contradictory messages to the universe.

What if I tell you that there is an effortless way to manifest your desires and achieve your goals? Most of you will say,”Wow, it seems like miracle!” Yes, it seems like a miracle but it is not. There is a step by step way to manifest your desires.

  • Relax your mind. Simply close your eyes and sit silently for fifteen minutes and bring your attention on the present moment. You can pay attention to your breathing to calm down your mind.
  • Clarity is the most important factor in manifesting your goals. What exactly you want? Don’t send mixed signals to the universe. Make a clear picture of what you want and visualize as if its already being yours.
  • Feel grateful for manifesting your goal. Gratitude is the most powerful force which helps you to attract the things you want in your life. You should feel grateful for receiving your object of desire even before you receive it.
  • Let go and relax. Don’t be attached to the outcome. It is not your work to find out how you are going to get that object. Universe will handle all the details.
  • Remain alert for the opportunities and coincidences. Listen to your inner voice, intuition. Your heart always speaks to you but you should be very alert to listen to that little voice.
  • Be open to receive. This is the most important step. If you have asked for something then you must allow that thing in your life. That’s why feeling of gratitude is very important. In gratitude you are open to receive.

If you follow these steps then there will be no stress, doubt, fear, anxiety or panic in your life. You don’t need to run after the things rather things you desire will run into your life effortlessly. Manifesting your desires is not a hard work, it is a smart work. All you need a proper state of mind. Instead of doubts you need to believe. A doubt is a thought and a belief is also a thought, it is just a matter of choice.

Trust the universe and that is the key. When you trust, there is no fear or disbelief. Enjoy the process, enjoy every step you take toward your goals. Enjoy the journey. Be in the moment. This moment life is happening around you. Don’t forget to enjoy the life while you are manifesting your dreams. Otherwise some people miss the life in the process of chasing their goals. Remember, life is more important than your goals and dreams. This moment while you are breathing is more important than future because it is real. So spend some time in visualizing your goals but then come back to the present moment and enjoy being ‘here and now’.


Alpa Pranav Damania Mumbai:

I was just surfing through Facebook and read about wealth and abundance session. I didn’t believe it but still thought of giving it a try. But after I started the gratitude session I felt my life has changed drastically. Unbelievable things happened and I started feeling more positive and calmer and my happiness knew no bounds. Small changes happened in my surroundings which kept me very happy. I felt super blessed. Kishore sir was always there to guide, help n answer any amount of queries I had. I had always felt that I didn’t have the right set of friends and thought that they only used me wen any thing was needed but with gratitude I feel blessed to have wonderful friends. My gratitude family you all are the best …love you all…

Mahalaxmi Workshop……..I don’t have words to express my happiness…..felt so lite and in a different world altogether.

Thank you once again to all my lovely friends and family and thank you so much Kishore sir for helping me change my life and my attitude towards my life…… Love you all 😘😘😘 god bless all with loads of abundance in health wealth and happiness.

So here goes my achievements:

  1. Best achievement received was over self….. A positive attitude and a lot more confident and calmer.
  2. Thank you Kishore sir for showering your blessings on me always.
  3. Being a Tupperware consultant my business was almost negligible but post gratitude session almost 99% of my products were sold.
  4. After 7th or 8th session I had a terrible shoulder pain which was unbearable and with a son 3.5 years old I was tensed….went to couple of doctors and clinic but being a Saturday doctors weren’t available and was asked to come on Monday. That day itself got to know from my neighbor (Seemabhabhi) that her husband (Bankimbhai) gives acupressure which helped me a lot and the pain was almost gone.
  5. Bought a new car.
  6. My parents gifted me gold bangles and a diamond earring.
  7. Found wonderful set of friends.
  8. The flat that was gifted to me by my parents 4 yrs back will be transferred in my name tomorrow as name change is in process.
  9. I was always reserved and was never close to my neighbors (moms and in-laws place) but have got very close to my neighbor Seemabhabhi….she is like an angel to me and keeps guiding me always. She has all the solutions for the problems I have.
  10. Post gratitude my hubby appreciated me in front of my parents (he can’t express his feelings) that he has seen a lot of changes in me that I have become positive and understanding which was the second biggest achievement for me.
  11. My wonderful friend Ria gifted me a gratitude stone on my wedding anniversary…..a priceless gift ever received. Thank u so much Ria.
  12. Gulnaz also gave a prayer before bed time which helped me reduce my temper n my sons aggression.
  13. Few of my friends believed me and joined gratitude session.very happy for them
April 25, 2015

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