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Brain chemistry of prosperity


To think a thought is to practice brain chemistry. It is well known fact that everything you see, hear and feel is made up of atoms and these atoms are made up of subatomic particles. These particles are very small. You can not see them or measure them. There is no instrument which could see them or measure these subatomic particles. They are so small that we can only think about them. Well if you can not see them then how can you know if they really exist? We know they exist by the evidence of the trails they leave behind where scientist are doing research on subatomic particles.

There is one more thing which is quite interesting that these particles come in to existence only when we observe them, funny, isn’t that? If you are not putting attention then they are just probability amplitude. Means each particle is wave until the moment of observation. This seems quite magical. But this is what quantum mechanics is all about. Your attention brings a certain probability or possibility into the existence or reality from infinite possibilities.

So if you put your attention on the beliefs and mental attitudes that attract wealth then you will embody these qualities and manifest wealth effortlessly. That’s why putting attention on the things for which you feel grateful is immensely valuable. By putting your attention on the feeling of gratitude will attract good thing in your life.

If you put attention on a word, idea, belief or thing that you want you bring its material expression in your life.

Simply putting your attention on an idea brings about a change in your physiology and in your life experiences because that idea causes a positive transformation in your consciousness.

In our Mahalakshmi Workshop we teach you how to practice The Brain Chemistry of Prosperity and create wealth, health and happiness in your life.

April 21, 2015

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