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Applying mind-power and LOA in job search


Whatever happens to you is the results of your thinking. Whether it is positive or negative it depends only upon your focus. You get what you think about and your mind acts like a magnet. Thought is an energy and energy attracts like energy.

You should be very clear about what type of job you exactly want. If you are confused then you are sending mixed signals. So be clear. Have faith in your abilities and believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself then chances are nobody will believe in you. So drop any doubts.

If you expect the best, you will get the best. Expectancy determines the outcome. The outcome is spontaneously contained in the expectation.

Remember, your feelings are more important than your thoughts so observe your feelings and notice how you are feeling. Imagine as if you have already got that job and feel grateful and joyous. Enjoying the journey is the key. There is abundance of opportunities, jobs and every moment a new opportunity is being created so there is no lack of jobs and opportunities.

Just find your good feeling place and take action. Just sitting and visualizing your new job will not do anything, you must have to enter into the action part. Always believe that you deserve the best and you will get the best. If you are nervous or anxious then it will delay your outcome so stay positive during your job search.

In our Mahalakshmi Workshop and Law of Attraction Workshop we teach you how to use positive affirmations to attract the position you desire. You will also learn how to clean up any negative emotions regarding getting your dream job.


Swapnil Bombay:

My brother got job…. I invoked and sent gratitude to Mahalaxmi yesterday for giving him job and he got today in his desired company with desired profile with ease.

I am so grateful to Kishore Sir. He suddenly came in my life and became the one of the best person I have seen. First time I seen such a person who laugh so free. I see giggle of child in his laugh. He enjoy each moment with fullness. He have big heart with love and gratitude. He is medium of the universe and higher source. I met him like it was destined. You can see the charisma in his eyes from which you can not hide anything. You can feel the cool sensation when you are around him. His electromagnetic field is super awesome which we can say charismatic aura. The person who help you to get results and become extraordinary. May Matrushakti bless him more and always. I am extremely grateful to Kishore sir to come in my life. THANK YOU.

April 24, 2015

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