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9 Beliefs of Truly Successful People


Why successful people are different from average people? Because they have a different view of reality. Life is meaningless and empty and we humans are meaning making machines. What we call obstacles and problems, successful people call them opportunities.

Your beliefs make huge difference in your life. The most important thing is that they change the meaning of reality. Then the obstacles become challenges. Your beliefs are the most important factors to shape your reality. If you want to adopt the mindset of successful people then find out their core beliefs and adopt them in your life and you get the same results.

So, I am sharing you 9 beliefs which I have discovered in some truly successful peoples from different areas.

  1. There is demand for me (and my service/ product)
    They believe in themselves, they believe in the service they provide. They believe in their product. See, if you don’t believe in your product or services then how can people will believe in your products or services? If you don’t love yourself then nobody will love you. So they believe that there is demand for me and that’s why they are in demand.
  2. Failure is feedback and obstacles are opportunities
    They never whine over failures or obstacles. They learn from their failures and move on. They turn obstacles into stepping stone. They look at problems as if they are great opportunities.
  3. Customer/ client is always right
    They believe that customer is always right because he is paying money. So successful people can easily put themselves in the customers shoes and see the reality from their view to provide the exact solution.
  4. Every moment there are unlimited choices
    Successful people believe that there is no lack of choices. There are plenty of choices. They never feel victim of moods and emotions. They believe that they can choose happiness, confidence and self esteem. They know that they can choose right people, right employee, right friends and empowering beliefs in any situation.
  5. How can I use this?
    They never ask why this happened to me rather they ask how can I use this? How can I use this situation for my growth or benefit? One of my friend who was an athlete hospitalized for 6 months and used that time to learn photographic memory and latter he passed MPSC in single attempt.
  6. I can write a different story
    They know that they can litterally write a different story of their life by choosing different thoughts and mental images. They often visualize the successful end. They know that mind is just like a software and thoughts are like a software program, a code. They are constantly engage is debugging and rewriting this code.
  7. I will see it when I believe it
    Whatever they do they do with strong belief and faith. They believe that they are going to be successful. They never chase their goals halfheartedly. They give 100% shot. That’s why they use there 100% potential.
  8. I’m what I’m
    They believe that your opinion is not my reality. They create their own reality and self image. Public opinions does not affect them. They completely ignore what people say or believe about them.
  9. Fake it until you make it!
    One of my friend who is successful public speaker feels very panic and fearful before giving a speech but he pretend that he is confident. He change his body language and voice tone as if he is very confident people and within few minutes his fear gets disappear. If you fake it then after some time your mind will start believing in it. If you start feeling grateful for small things like your computer, your shoes, your friends, your cloths then suddenly you will start feeling deep gratitude towards the life.


Avani shah Mumbai:


For me is giving me strength in all phases of my life right now, without any more efforts I feel its blessings on me in all. May it b my love-life with my family friends, my work, my career and in all I practice it when I cook, I work, I start my day…and so on

Thank you very much…!

Jai mata di!!!

To my Matrushakti be with me always and bless me!

Thank you kishore sir for being a link in between!

April 29, 2015

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