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7 Ways to become a positive person


Positivity is a state of mind and it is our responsibility to maintain that state. Nobody is born with positive state of mind. Positivity is a skill which you need to learn. Most of the time we are moving up and down in positive and negative states. To maintain a positive state is a skill. Positivity is something that comes from the inside, and it is up to us as individuals to decide the level of influence that outside factors will have on our own attitude.

So, here are 7 ways to grow more positivity in your life.

  1. Positive self talk: Self talk works almost like self hypnosis so always pay attention to your inner dialogue. If you notice any negative self talk then immediately correct it and make it positive. Another way to cultivate the habit of positive self talk is to repeat the positive affirmations.
  2. Take it easy and make it simple: Life is not a serious affair so take it easy. Some people unnecessarily make it complicated. They look at life as if it is a big puzzle, but it is not. You can make it simple simply by changing your thoughts. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-you’re right.” Your mind has ability to make things simple or complicated and it is up to you.
  3. Empty the trash: Release negative emotions, let go of all negative thoughts and feelings. Create distance from negative people who always complain and blame. Negativity is infectious. You can easily catch it. Even if you are living in negative atmosphere like offices just limit the interaction and focus only on the things which makes you feel good. Completely ignore the people or things which makes you feel bad or create negativity and bitterness in your mind. Negative people suck your energy so always surround yourself with positive and happy people.
  4. Work on your body: Do your favorite workout regularly. If you spend 30 minutes in workout then you automatically stay away from negative thoughts and emotions at least for 30 minutes. Then you break the habit of negativity at least for 30 minutes. You can do anything like Yoga, jogging, martial arts, aerobics or you can join a gym. It is my suggestion to buy a resistance band. It is a low cost but priceless piece of rubber band. You can do literally hundreds of exercises using resistance band. You can easily carry it with you in journey. Negative emotions create many blockages in your body that’s why energy can not flow freely in your body. Regular workout will dissolve these blocks and you will feel more energetic and refreshed.
  5. Make a journal: Make a journal and write a list of your goals. Write a list of all those things you appreciate in your life. Make a list of all those things and people in your life for which you feel grateful. Keep working on this journal regularly. Also stick pictures of your dreams and goals that you want to achieve in this journal. Write positive affirmations in this journal. You can use this journal in many ways. It will help you to constantly focus on positive things. Spend 15-20 minutes everyday on this journal. You can also make on-line journal which you can access from anywhere via Internet. You can sink your journal on tablet, mobile, laptop and your personal computer. Evernote is a great website to create on-line journal. It also available for android and apple phones. The most important thing about keeping an on-line journal is that you can write down an idea before you forget it.
  6. Attitude of gratitude: If you find everything else is too complicated and if you are too busy with your routine then do a simple thing, give thanks to everything. Thanks for being alive, thanks for relationships, thanks for the food and water and air, thanks for your computer and cell phone, thanks to the Internet, thanks to the car and the job. Give thanks to everything which is serving you and making your life more comfortable and more better. When you practice gratitude you automatically shift into a very powerful positive state. Gratitude attract abundance and prosperity in your life.
  7. Listen to the heart: The real cause of all suffering is ignorance of our true self. There is only one way of self realization and that is meditation. Close your eyes and look within. Observe what is going on in your mind. You will find that thoughts are jumping like monkeys. This is the cause of your confusion and misery. Observe your thoughts and emotions and soon they will calm down and there will be tranquility and clarity. In that clarity you will make the right choices and take the right decisions. You heart is always speaking to you and always guiding to you but its voice is very small. You can not hear it because your mind is constantly chattering. If you want to listen to your heart then you must calm down your mind.


Sandeep Kamble kolhapur:

I was introduced to this session by Rahul Bhaiya. One day he massage me that I’m coming to Mumbai there is one workshop and you are coming with me for it. And then after few days he gives me brief idea about Mahalaxmi workshop. I start thinking “ki kya hoga isme?” I read some books on positive energy but never attended any session, to bola chalo karke dekhate hai kuch naya hai.

When the session started on 6 th of December I was little nervous because I know only Rahul Bhaiya and this was my first time to attend this kind of workshop. But when Kishore sir started the session with small exercise then that nervousness has been replaced by curiosity ki abhi age kya hoga because after that exercise I really felt so energetic. After that Kishore sir taught us about invocation of energy and it took me out of this world. I felt like I’m standing below the water fall and energy has flowing through my body like water. Then I start believing that ye kuch alag hai. In the next session we gave thanks to our different body parts, that was amazing! I feel like I’m watching my self from outside of my body. After completing first days session while going home I’m feeling like feather “halka halka lag raha tha.”

Then very excited about next day for Mahalaxmi Puja and much more thing. When was doing Puja it took me to another world. I took whole journey of my dreams. I saw my own company, my dream home my cars, my farm house all my dreams during Puja. This was my experience during the work shop.

After workshop every day I woke up as a energetic person full of gratitude.

  1. The best outcome it was my elder brother pass the mains exam of MPSC for Class One post he is now a Class Two officer and the result came on the auspicious day of Angaraki Sankashti.
  2. We were struggling to start one instrument called Mass Spectroscope in my lab after I pass on the gratitude energy to it surprisingly it was started and working without any disturbance.
  3. All my day was going full with positive and gratitude energy.

So first of all I’m very thankful to Bhaiya for taking me to that work shop. Kishore sir for guiding me towards the gratitude path. Thank you all my mates who are there with me in this journey and thank so much universe for choosing me.

🙏Thank you!🙏

April 29, 2015

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