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7 Ways To Become A More Optimistic Person


Research shows that being an optimist boosts our overall well-being, which includes our physical and emotional health, achievement, stress levels, and life expectancy. Optimistic people live longer than pessimistic and most important things is that they live happily. Optimism doesn’t come by birth, it is a daily practice. Optimism grows naturally when you take responsibility for your own beliefs which are passed on us by parents, tradition, teachers and media.

Optimistic means disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.

If you practice following 7 ways then you will discover that optimism is naturally growing in your life.

  1. This shall too pass: An optimistic person see negative events as temporary. They believe that this shall too pass. In life nothing is permanent. Moods are always changing. This moment you are depressed and frustrated but next moment you can become happy and joyful. This is the possibility but you should take responsibility to change your moods.
  2. Expect the best: Expectancy determines the outcome. Optimistic people know that if you expect the best then the outcome is spontaneously contained in the expectation. Your expectation affect the circumstances and people.
  3. Visualize your ideal life: Focus on your dreams, imagine the life you want as if you are already living it. It will create neurological pathways in your brain. It will help you to achieve your goals and dreams. If your conscious mind pictures clearly what exactly you want then your unconscious mind has the ability to bring that desired outcome in the reality.
  4. Focus on the solution, not on the problem: Give brief attention top the problem and ask your self what might be a solution and focus your attention there, on the solution. Analysis keeps you moving in circle. If you keep analyzing the problem then you will automatically get stuck on it because according to law of attraction, ‘Like attracts Like!’ So redirect your focus from the problem and visualize a solution.
  5. Obstacles are opportunities: There are opportunities in every obstacle. Optimistic people try to see opportunity in adversities. They know how to convert an obstacle into a stepping stone. It is just a matter of perspective. You can create a new world just by shifting your perspective.
  6. Count your blessings: Optimistic people give thanks to every little achievement and they always stay in the state of gratitude and thankfulness. They admire themselves and they admire the life. They feel grateful for what they already have in their life and that’s why they are always focused on the state of ‘having’, the prosperity and abundance. According to law of attraction, ‘Like attracts Like’ so if you feel prosperous you will attract prosperity. If you attract prosperity then you will feel even more optimistic and you will expect more prosperity and you will attract even more wealth and feel even more optimistic.
  7. Realize the power of ‘NOW’: The optimistic people know the power of living in the present moment. They never live in the past memories or future worries. They live in the ‘NOW’. This moment life is happening around you. Spending time in the past or future is actually wasting your time. When you live in the dead memories then you miss the real life. Whenever you catch yourself drifting in the past or future worries just pull yourself back to THIS moment. Just feel your breathing, feel your body, listen to the sounds around you and you will reconnect yourself with the ‘NOW’. Realize that the only present moment is real and past or future is your imagination.

So these are the seven ways to develop more optimism in your life but there are NOT only seven ways, you can find seventy or seven hundred ways to become more optimistic person. Surround yourself with positive people and observe them. Study their beliefs and attitudes towards life. Read motivational and inspiring books. Listen to self help audios. Watch law of attraction videos on YouTube. Attain our Seminars and Workshops. We highly recommend you to join our 11 Days Gratitude for abundance – Free Session and 30 Days 30 Challenges – Free Session.


Nikhil Bombay:

Hello sir and hello every divine souls in this group. This session have changed my life. I have become more optimistic. I have started celebrating happy moments. Universe is always guiding me although I couldn’t understand it before. After this session I am continuously getting guidance that you should aim high and believe that you are worth for it and keep faith and never compromise. Be confident. I have become more energetic and my relations with my family is improved. I have gut feeling that I will get a big opportunity that will change my life. My staff have started respecting me more and have shown increase in production and my customers have started taking me positively. When I started blessing my wealth I came to know that I am already blessed with abundant. Many small things have started happening unconsciously. And if I do consciously I can do miracles. Sharing two incidents.

  1. My parents had made sudden program of going out of town at the time of 11 days gratitude session and now they went. The reason is that they are of rigid thoughts so I cannot perform my gratitude session freely so universe had made planed for their outings.
  2. I have gone to shop to buy grand 2 mobile there shopkeeper suggested me different pieces which was cheep. As he was my relative so I couldn’t deny his suggestion and I compromised. But universe doesn’t want me to do compromise. That mobile had manufacturing fault and was changed by company and then I purchased the mobile I wanted.

I many times feel vibrating sensation in my body as some energy is flowing through my body.
Thank you sir🙏
🙏Thank you Mashakti🙏
🙏Thank you universe🙏
🙏Thank you my divine friends 🙏

May 4, 2015

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