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15 Ways to raise your vibrations


“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics”
~ Albert Einstein

Do you know that every thought, word and action carries its own vibrational frequency. You are drawn to situations, people or objects that are in line with your vibrational resonance. It doesn’t matter whether you want it or not but ‘like attracts like’ and it is a law.

If your mind is full of negative thoughts and emotions then your vibrations will be negative and you will attract negative people and negative situations which are matching to your mental state. Fear has been shown to have a low and short vibration whereas Love has a longer and higher vibration.

In other words, when you act out of fear, you are calling on a lower vibration resonance whereas when you act out of love, you are aligning yourself with a higher vibrational resonance and attracting more positive things towards you. Are you getting this?

So, whenever you find yourself in a negative vibrational pattern or acting out of fear, you should realize that you are attracting negative situations, people and lessons in your life. Just the same, when you begin to think on a more positive, or loving subject you are able to grow in consciousness and contribute towards the greater healing of the self, planet and all of mankind.

Raising your vibration is very easy to do however, it can be difficult to maintain. But still you can starts with “faking it until you make it”. It only needs constant practice and reminders and very soon you will be able to raise your vibration and begin attracting all on the path of love.

Here are 15 ways to Raise your Vibration:

  1. Spend time in nature: Spend some time regularly in the nature. Go to the hills if possible or visit a park nearby. Look at the trees and flowers. Listen to the birds. It will change your state and you will become more relax and calm. When you look at the river you automatically enter into a state of let go.
  2. Breathe deeply: Breath from your belly. Deep breathing helps you to become relax easily . It is very difficult to calm down your mind directly but if you start breathing deeply then within few minutes you will feel calm and relax. When your mind is calm and relaxed, there will be no fear and anxiety. Deep breathing also helps you to release your blocks and you easily enter into allowing state.
  3. Meditation: It doesn’t matter whether you prefer guided mediations or sitting in stillness, the wondrous effects of this practice reach both the physical, energetic and spiritual levels. Meditation is great way to raise your vibrations and maintain it consistently. You should meditate regularly at least for fifteen to thirty minutes. In deep meditative state your intentions and dreams flows with the collective consciousness.
  4. Creativity: Create something, write poems, draw a painting, compose music or play guitar. When we are engaged and happy in what we are doing, our mood elevates and our vibration does too. When we move into the creative state it helps to activate our chakras and still our minds, creating more space and awareness.
  5. Affirmations: Positive affirmations have great impact on our minds. You create reality when you affirm. Beware of negative self talk and also be aware while talking to others. Never talk negative because you create reality by using the power of words and thoughts.
  6. Exercise: Exercise is the best way to stay fit and raise your vibration. Physical movements helps your body to release the tension. The more active you are and the more you exercise, the more energy begins to flow through your body.  Eventually this flow of energy helps to raise your vibrational resonance and also helps to uplift your mind.
  7. Let go: Let go of the past memories of sadness, humiliation, fear and panic. When you let go of all of your negative memories you create space for abundance and prosperity. Negative emotions creates lower vibrations. When you let go of these emotions you automatically raise your vibrations.
  8. Living in the present moment: Sometimes just be, bring your all attention to the present moment and just be. There should be no past memories or future worries. Just this moment, you are breathing in and out and listening to the sounds around you. This is your true nature. Living in the present moment helps you to become free from all illusions and raise your vibrations to create the life you desire.
  9. Listen to the music: Music is a great way to raise your vibrations. Indian classical music helps you to activate your chakras and raise your kundalini. It has a spiritual base. Of course you can listen to any music which you like. But Indian music is much better than pop or rock music. It has tradition of thousands of years.
  10. Spend time with loved ones: Spending time with your loved ones helps you to raise your vibrations because it is joyful and fun. Then you feel good and those good feelings help you to attract more good things in your life.
  11. Nourish love: Remember, opposite of fear is not confidence, it is love. When there is love there will be no fear or anxiety. Fear keeps you at the lower vibrations while love has the highest frequency. Love people, love your family, love the nature, love animals and most important thing is love yourself. Nobody will love you unless you love yourself.
  12. Clean your home: Clean your home and your premises. Clean your office or work place. Clean your bathrooms and toilets. Remember, cleanliness attract wealth and prosperity. Cleaning process also helps you to release your negative emotions.
  13. Surround yourself with positive people: Negative people deplete your energy. They literally drain your positive energy. So always surround yourself with positive people and you automatically surround yourself with life nourishing positive energy. Negativity is infectious.
  14. Read inspiring books: Reading motivational and inspirational books raise your vibration and change your mindset. It helps you to overcome your limiting beliefs.
  15. Attain workshops and seminars: In seminars or workshops you meet like minded people and also get the benefit of group energy. In our Law of attraction Workshop you can find many techniques to transform your life easily and effortlessly and raise your vibrations to a new level.
April 12, 2015

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