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12 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem Quickly


Self esteem refers to the way we see and think about ourselves. There is a simple arithmetic, if you feel worst about yourself then you will have low self esteem and if you feel good about yourself you will have high self esteem. Your thoughts and behavior affects your self esteem. You can easily and quickly improve your self esteem if you follow these simple tips.

  1. Harness your creativity: If you are feeling dull at your workplace then probably you are not using creativity. If your work become your play then you will never get bored. Find ways to enjoy your work and make your work a game.
  2. Read inspiring books: Books are the best friends and you can get tons of ideas and motivation by reading books. Read all kind of books like autobiographies, self help, spiritual, novels, comedy, thriller, poetry etc. Read at least five pages before you go to sleep everyday. If you read some inspiring stuff before you go to sleep then at will easily enter into your subconscious mind when you sleep.
  3. Stretch your limits: When you set new goals your mind starts searching for new ways to accomplish that goal. Always challenge your limits and your life will become a journey of adventures. You will grow and you will become more stronger.
  4. Motivate and inspire others: We are all learners and also we are all teachers. Teach others what you already know. The simplest way to improve your self esteem is to motivate and inspire others. Because when you motivate and inspire others you automatically enter into an inspiring state.
  5. Practice positive affirmations: Affirmation are positive statements and they can instantly rise up your self esteem. Mind is very suggestive. It can easily get influenced by a positive or negative suggestion. A strong belief is just a thought which you repeat again and again. How to install a powerful belief in your brain? Just repeat it again and again until it reaches into the subconscious mind.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people: Find like minded people who have positive outlook towards the life. Negative people deplete your energy. They literally suck your energy that’s why you feel drained around negative people. Moods are infectious so always find friends who are happy and loving.
  7. Attain self help seminars and workshops: You can find like minded people in self help seminars and workshops. You can get tons of inspiration and learn new skills. In our LOA and Mahalakshmi seminars we teach people how to take control of life and how to pull your own strings. We also teach you how to find and eliminate your erroneous zones and improve your self esteem and boost your confidence.
  8. Visit a new place: Traveling can boost your self esteem. Change of scenery will refresh your mind. Visiting the same place everyday can dull your mind. So going on a trip can uplift your mood. Arrange tours according to your budget. Make a list of all the places you will love to see and let the law of attraction work on it.
  9. Do meditation: Meditation is the instant way to boost your self esteem. Meditation brings you instant in the present moment and present moment is always new, always fresh. Meditation will heal your past hurts and release negative emotions. It will also help you to release your resistance and you will easily enter into the state of receiving.
  10. Write something inspirational: Start a blog publish your poems, paintings and articles. Share your joy with the world. There is a chance to earn money and fame on the Internet. You can make your YouTube videos and become a YouTube star.
  11. Learn new skills: Everyday learn something new. There are unlimited possibilities. There is no end to learn new skills and develop your talent. Learning new skills will also sharpen your brain. You will become multidimensional.
  12. Re-frame your limiting beliefs: Find your limiting beliefs and play with them. Make them ridiculous and laugh on them. Rearrange them in such a way that you will feel more resourceful and powerful. This is a very funny way to eliminate limiting beliefs. In our workshops we teach you how to spot a limiting belief and how to re-frame that limiting belief and how to change the meaning and structure of that limiting belief so that you feel resourceful and powerful.


Druti Chennai:

Sir we had a beautiful journey of 30 days with you and all the divine souls. I could manage to do few tasks successfully and few missed out since wedding in family. But whatever I did I just enjoyed I learned to control anger. Learned to talk with my body. Started loving myself. Got confidence. Lots of unlimited changes I could see in my self. In short I am now different Dhruti from what I was before. Thanks a lot to you Kishore sirji and salute to all the divine souls who was with me in these beautiful journey and who shared there beautiful experience’s with us. Thank’s all. Sir we are looking forward to start again something new for us like this.

GOD BLESS YOU 🙌🙏 sir and all

May 30, 2015

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