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10 Tips to use the law of attraction


When you use law of attraction your life becomes easy. Wherever you go, you find people, circumstances and results matching to your good state of mind and your frequency.  Life seems more harmonious to you and it flow flawlessly. Here are 10 quick tips to harness the astonishing power of law of attraction in your life.

  1. Ask: The first step is alway simple and that is simply ask. Ask and it is given. It always works but we often have contradictory desires or doubts which block us from our desired outcome. Dr. Deepak Chopra says in his book, “Intentions automatically get fulfilled if left alone”. So ‘ask’ and ‘decide what you want’ and it will come to you if you are clear about your intention.
  2. Believe: There is a well famous book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, ‘You will see it, when you believe it’. You must believe in whatever you are asking for. You have to believe that the thing you want is already yours and belong to you. You must believe that you deserve what you want. You must believe in your capabilities and you must believe in yourself.
  3. Imagination: Emile Coue a French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a popular method of psychotherapy and self-improvement based on optimistic autosuggestion said, “When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception”. So always visualize your goals. See your goals vividly in your minds eye. Feel as if your object of desire is already there.
  4. Let go: Never get obsessed over the things you want to manifest instead let go and have the state of mind that your wish is already achieved. Getting obsessed is a sign of insecurity and doubt. Let go and a clear mind will help you easily attract the thing you want, have the feeling of satisfaction.
  5. Raise your vibrations: Always stay in positive state of mind. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Surround yourself with positive and like minded people. Breath deeply and always live in the present moment. Listen to your favorite music. Do regular workout and stay fit.
  6. Make vision boards: Make vision boards of your goals and stick them on wall where you can easily see them. Vision board will help you to focus your energy on your goals and create your favorite lifestyle. An image is thousand times stronger than a word.
  7. Take action: Taking action means you are ready to use the law of attraction not wasting your time by waiting for opportunities to appear. A strong and faithful man always start taking action based on his intuition. Taking action simply means moving forward. Lao Tze said, “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. So taking that first step is very important. It shows your eagerness.
  8. Use the power of suggestions: You can do affirmations or you can do self hypnosis. Affirmations and hypnosis are great tools to achieve quick results. They help you to tap into the unlimited power of your subconscious mind.
  9. Erase the doubts: Fear and doubt block your way to desired outcome. Henry Ford says, “The limits of possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.” So always be ready to step into the unknown. Unknown is the field of all possibilities.
  10. Allowing: The last thing is you should open yourself to receive your desired thing. Feel good about your desired object and feel as if it is already there. When you match your frequency with your desired object you are in receiving mode. Then you allow that thing to come to you effortlessly. Things you desire will never come to you unless you are allowing them or you are in receiving mode.
April 12, 2015

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